Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")
Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")

Siberia Night Ranger (7"-9")


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Welcome to the future. To the ultimate presentation of Strands Lighting Division’s signature. Siberia Night Ranger. These lights provides a driving experience that doesn´t leave the driver untouched.

With Siberia Night Ranger, you get it all. An impressive light beam, whether it's a driving beam pattern or spot beam pattern.  Maximum performance. Legendary light output. Siberia NR gives you efficiency at completely new levels on all roads and in all conditions. The power of the driving beam gives you a perfect balance between length and width. Ready to show you the way forward.  The power of the spot beam gives you an extremely long and concentrated light forward where you need it the most. 

Amber or white? Siberia NR comes with Siberia’s dual-position lights to give you an outstanding light and design effect, perfectly placed in a circle around the LEDs with a line in the middle. Which color shows your style and personality the most?

Siberia NR is built from durable materials. The lens is made of transparent PC (polycarbonate), which makes it basically unbreakable and protects the diodes from scratches and weather conditions. The durable aluminum housing also withstands salt and other stresses from the harsh climate.

In addition to its durability, the Siberia Night Ranger is easy to install. Mount with the included mounting bracket, screws, and 0.5-meter cable. Connect easily with the DT-4 connector included in the package. Perfect for cars, trucks, and heavier vehicles. With the Siberia Night Ranger mounted, you get innovation, design, and performance like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Available in two models – Night Ranger (clear lens) with flood or spot beam pattern and Bush Ranger (yellow lens). Each model is available in 7″ and 9″.

This light is sold individually and does not include a harness (whip included)

Wiring Harnesses:

For 1 Light

For 2 Lights

For 3 Lights

  7 Inch Driving 9 Inch Driving 7 Inch Spot 9 Inch Spot
VOLTAGE 9-32V DC 9-32V DC 9-32V DC 9-32V DC
CONSUMPTION (w) 12V/24V 69.1/70.1 145.3/144.6 68.4/69.36 144.7/143.5
THEORETICAL LUMEN 9600 20400 6720 14280
ACTUAL LUMEN 6467 13377 5130 10485
1 LUX @ (m) 369 465 631 900
BEAM PATTERN Combo Combo Spot Spot
POSITION LIGHT Yes, white and amber Yes, white and amber Yes, white and amber Yes, white and amber
CABLE LENGTH (mm) 500 500 500mm 500mm
MATERIAL HOUSING Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
MATERIAL LENS Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
DIAMETER (mm) 178 228,6 178 228,6
DEPTH (mm) 78,2 86,7 78,2 86,7
HEIGHT INCLUDING BRACKET (mm) 194,7 249,3 194,7 249,3
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -30°C - +65°C -30°C - +65°C -30°C - +65°C -30°C - +65°C
E-APPROVED ECE R112, R7 ECE R112, R7 No No

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